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Building the Future of Social

High Fidelity Avatars

You can get creative and build an online identity that is both private and fun. You can also use this avatar to create stickers, NFTs, and more!

Social Games & Activities

There are so many interest-based activities for you to do on SwoonMe that can empower you to forge genuine connections.

A Robust Digital Economy

With value-added services like selling premium accessories for avatars, virtual gifts & creating/ buying/selling avatar NFTs, the possibilities are endless.

About vvibe

Why vvibeapp?

A Metaverse Social Playground

Get creative with your unique identity with customizable lifelike avatars, sound bites, and much more.
Play games, talk, explore and connect with like-minded people on a deeper level.

Turn on, tune in & zone out

Avatars First, Photos Later!

Build your real-life avatar with unlimited customizations. Get as creative as you’d like. Just go crazy!

Speak out!

With sound bites, voicemail, icebreaker games, and more, you can use your voice to vocalize your personality.

Catch a vibe - meet someone new

Connect anonymously and speak your mind - without any obligations. It’s a new way to socialize

Start Scrolling

Discover the person behind the profile, without being too quick to judge.

Your Photo, Your Choice

Reveal your photos only when you’re comfortable. Even then, you can hide it any time you like.

Safe & Private

Privacy and safety are so important to us. We’re always finding new ways to make SwoonMe safer for you.

AI-Driven Matchmaking

Our proprietary algorithm uses behavioral and psychographic signals to match you with like-minded people.

Verified Profiles

Photo verification to filter out fake profiles and avoid catfishing. Spot verified profiles with our verified badge.

Icebreaker Games

Starting a conversation is easy and fun when you’re playing our curated icebreaker games.

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